Monday, January 29, 2018

This Is My Rant!

I have been prompted by some of my friends, that there are more and more competition within the subscription website space.

Before you continue, let me emphasize that I am not belittling any other website or methods. If you are offended by my post, I like to apologize first. And you have been warned...

But I am wondering if this happens because of the bull run? Will all the methods stand the test of time? How will a method turn out during a bear market? If a subscriber fully understand how a particular method works? If you do not understand, then are you doing it right?

Having been in this industry for some time now, I realise that retail investors are impatient and always tend to go for the fastest method.

Picture taken from

A method that can promised returns within a very short time frame is the method they will go for. Thus, this made many investors go for Technical Analysis (aka TA) methods. Fundamental Analysis (aka FA) methods, like those within Fundamental Scorecard website, are not appreciated currently.

FA methods tend to look at a much longer time frame. In a bull market, it lacks traction.

There is also another factor that I believe why FA subscription website lacks traction. FA investors will already have their own method that allows them to make gains, why will they be interested in paying to learn another method? That will be extra cost!

So for friends who continued to ask: "Why do I continue to waste time and effort on the Fundamental Scorecard website?"

I can only say I still believe in my method, and when the bears arrive, I believe my method will prevail. This could take some time but so be it.

Picture from Wall Street Journal
As stated on Fundamental Scorecard website, Simple Investor and I believe in giving the average retail investors an edge in the current market. That is why we try to price our subscriptions on the lower end of the tier. We even had friends who were asking: "What do you earn from this? Comparing to this other website, you have to have at least 50 subscribers to their 1 subscriber!"

In addition, we also believe that subscribers will truly benefit from these subscriptions only if they understand the basis of a particular method. That is why we are prompt in replying emails and also we STILL believe in conducting Ask-Us-Anything Sessions SO FAR, regardless of the turnout.

Simple Investor and I are only sharing these methods because we, as investors, use this method and had made our gains over time.

Lastly, there is this 1 factor that I do not like to watch - that is when people start to make losses, such as the recent Bitconnect event (Do note that I am not against cryptocurrency, but there are those that are more established. Right?).

Sometimes, I understand retirees have some cash and like to invest them, but do not know where to start. I also understand they may not want to wait too long. Then again, if you already have a large amount, you can always choose to invest in REITs. Why take such huge risk?

Oh... and there is another group that are the newbies. I just have to tell you, if you go to a barber and ask if you need a hair cut, they will definitely say yes! But do note that you always have the choice to continue to ask more about the hair cut, such as the length and the price.

From AZ Quotes
Basically, do not blindly follow a method. Find out more before investing your time in one. Choose one that suit you as well.

Anyway enough ranting. Thank you for reading!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My View On M1 Latest Earning Report

Since I have written about M1 Ltd (aka M1) in my last post, I felt I should be responsible to write something about its latest full year 2017 earnings report.

Firstly, I am delighted. This was because dividend (for the 2nd half of the year) increased, even when the 4th quarter net profit was slightly lower than the year before.

In addition, everyone was expecting a lousy quarter because IT IS M1 - the telecom that is bound to fail! If the results were lousy, everyone will just be like "I told you so...";

but now everyone is more like "hmmm... is this good or not good?", just like all the analyst in this article.

But What Is My Opinion of M1's Future?

Despite being vested in M1, I am VERY SURE its revenue will be impacted by the entry of TPG and MyRepublic this year.

Thus, M1's current diversification into IoT is to minimize the impact of the loss of market share within its Telecom business. This should not be seem as a new revenue channel that will propel M1 back to its olden days.

However, this new revenue stream should still be able to boost M1's revenue slightly for at least 2018, since M1 has the first mover advantage in this IoT segment (until Singtel takes over).

Like That...Then How?

For all the existing M1 shareholders, M1's ex-dividend date will only be on 18 April. That is a long wait. During this period, "noises" will appear to confuse you and weak-holders will eventually sell.

But it is also important to note that the next first quarter report for financial year 2018 will also be released around 17 April. This clashes with the ex-dividend date. In the event if that quarter's earnings is very bad, the share price will be drastically punished, due to the combination of the ex-dividend date.

Nevertheless, I believe the stagnant share price since late August 2017 indicate that the share price has reached a bottom, and I will just buy A BIT MORE if the price falls below $1.830 (before 15 April).

Anyway, if you are interested to know more about The Ultimate Scorecard or Full Analysis, do visit the Fundamental Scorecard website for more information! 

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

I Repurchased M1 Again!

2 posts ago, I asked readers to choose a counter, that I bought recently, to review. Many commented on CWX Global Limited, which I believe I had already explained quite significantly in that particular post. Therefore, I was reluctant to write about it. Luckily, someone else commented on M1 Limited (aka M1) and so here we go...

If you remembered, I wrote about selling all of M1 and keeping ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited (aka Comfort) in September 2017. As of today, I have sold all of Comfort and have repurchased M1. Within a 2 year period, I made some money on M1 but will have also made losses on Comfort.

You must have thought why am I doing this – Selling Comfort when Uberflash has been launched, and when they have already established contact with Uber.

The main reason was that I do not like Comfort's deal with Uber - such as where will the money come from? Will there be a lowering of dividend? In my opinion, I don't think the bottom has reached yet and it will still be an uphill battle against Grab.

Nevertheless, there is a tiny light at the end of the tunnel in this article and it should impact Comfort, especially Lion City Rentals, positively. But that is another story.

So why M1?

1. Stagnant Share Price Since Late August 2017.

Graph from InvestingNote
2. Contrarian Thoughts on M1

There have been minimum news and comments of M1 on Facebook, InvestingNote, Blogger's as well as Analyst's Front. This maybe due to M1 is no longer a topic that retail investors believe in anymore. Anyone who wanted to sell it will have already done it. Thus, this made me believe a bottom could have been reached.

This is also my contrarian self talking to myself.

3. Next Growth Phase

Everyone will have agreed that M1 will be suffering the most from the additional competitor within the Singapore Telecom Industry. Even M1 knew it...

Therefore, M1 seem to have actively diversifying into its next growth phase, which is their NB-IoT segment. 

Announced in Aug 2016, M1 stated it will worked with Nokia on Singapore’s first nationwide commercial NB-IoT deployment.

After 1 year, M1 announces that it launches Southeast Asia’s first commercial nationwide NB-IoT network

After that, it continue to announce a series of collaborations.

In addition, there are a few interesting companies that have stated they will be working or have already started working with M1 with via its' NB-IoT Systems in this announcement:

"...These solutions include smart energy management for buildings, environmental monitoring as well as asset and fleet management. Keppel Electric is piloting the NB-IoT Energy Management Meter, which it claims will provide customers with more cost-savings than traditional metering systems.

One of M1's NB-IOT customers is fleet management firm ComCentric. The company is using NB-IoT to track its vehicle fleet in real-time – even in underground areas. "It also gives us 40% better battery life," says Anthony Gloridas, CTO of ComCentric.

Some of its customers are also looking to expand their business with the help of M1's NB-IoT network.

Anacle Systems, for example, is working with developers such as CapitaLand, Ascendas and Mapletree to provide smart metering to over 200 commercial buildings in Singapore, Malaysia and China. Come next year, the company is planning to leverage on M1's network to deploy the smart metering solutions to residential buildings..."

Therefore, retail investors should expect this portion of their revenue to increase much more, when they announced the full year results on 23 Jan 2018. In addition, investors should also expect this segment to provide much more revenue for them in the financial year 2018.

But where exactly is this portion of the revenue stated?

Looking through the M1 quarterly presentation, you can see that the definition of fixed services revenue has expanded. In the 2nd Quarter presentation, it includes "large projects contribution". In the 3rd Quarter presentation, it includes "corporate segment project contributions". Thus, I believe this is the portion which revenue from NB-IoT are stated.
FY2016 Revenue
2nd Quarter 2017 Revenue

2nd Quarter 2017 COGS
3rd Quarter 2017 Revenue
3rd Quarter 2017 COGS

In addition, with the above slides, I have also included a table to explain how this fixed services segment has been growing and its respective operating income percentage:

Fixed Services Segment
Some of you may argue that Starhub is also currently working with Nokia. I acknowledge that this is a risk and could be the result of Starhub and M1 signing an MOU to have a deeper cooperation. Nevertheless, I believe M1 has the first mover advantage in this segment as it took 1 year to reach where they are now.

Then again, Singtel is also launching their own IoT Network. I view this as a much bigger risk. But do note that Singtel seems to be running a different system and its more targeted at individuals rather than businesses.

4. IPhone X Launched At The End 2017

Based on this comparison on Hardwarezone, it seems to suggest that M1 strategy is to target the users who are more price-conscious, and on an overall basis, seems to be better than the other 2 telcos.

This could eventually led people to switch to M1. On the other hand, if more people switch to M1, this could also result in a larger cost of goods sold for M1 at the end of 4th Quarter, since M1 may need to pay more subsidies.

Nevertheless, I believe this launch could push M1's revenue higher in terms of handset sales.

5. 6% Dividend Yield

Based on my calculation below, it seems that it is possible for M1 to maintain 6% dividend yield. The senario are listed below.

If Net Profit is Maintained

In the event net profit for the 4th Quarter is maintained at $31.5 Million, dividend to be given out in the 2nd half will be maintained and dividend yield will still be around 6.18% for financial year 2017.

To maintain similar dividend as financial year 2016

In the event retail investors expect M1 to give out similar dividend as per financial year 2016, net profit for the 4th Quarter will need to be about $52.7 Million. This is impossible and I doubt retail investors are expecting that.

Worse Senario

In the event net profit for the 4th Quarter is only at $20 Million, dividend to be given out in the 2nd half will be only 4.9 cents and dividend yield will still be around 5.65% for financial year 2017. This is my worse case scenario.

M1 3rd Quarter 2017 Presentation

As per the presentation slide above, although I believe it is unlikely, but if the net profit falls below $30 Million, dividend amount given out maybe impacted. A string of news release will most probably caused M1 share price to collapse significantly. But I am prepared. You have been warned.

In Short

Re-purchasing M1 could be a wrong move at this point of time. But as I stated, I am prepared this time round and I really believe in their next growth phase in its NB-IoT segment.

Anyway, if you are interested to know more about The Ultimate Scorecard or Full Analysis, do visit the Fundamental Scorecard website for more information! 

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Concentration Or Diversification?

As per Simple Investor SG Facebook Page, we had a very successful "Face to Face, Ask Us Anything" 1st session! We will definitely continue with this kind of event and we hope to see more participants coming for next few sessions!

1 particular topic that day really impacted me and that is "Concentration or Diversification"?

Simple Investor SG keeps only a handful of counters in his portfolio, while I currently hold about 25 counters in my portfolio.

He always explains that he only invest in the top few companies that he determines. The quote he always use is "It is diworsification. Why bother with 7th best or the 8th best company, when you already knew which is your top company?"

He tends to dig deep and find out as much as possible about the company prior to investing. Thus, he will only invest once he determines it is one of the best.

I totally understand and believe in this theory. I had been wanting to do it, at least try to hold on to 15 to 20 counters only. But this require really a lot of conviction in the company that you choose to invest in, and you must also know the company inside-out.

Nevertheless, comparing his returns and mine, I believe this is something I need to learn and practice in 2018 if I really intend to achieve my 30% portfolio gain target at the end of the year.

If you are interested to come for our next Ask-Us-Anything event, do email me and let me know. 

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Monday, January 15, 2018

What Had I Been Up To?

Firstly, before I start, it will be good to inform everyone again on our Face-to Face Ask-Us-Anything session on 16 Jan 2018. Details of the event are listed in this post. If you are interested to come, just come along that evening.

So What Had I Done Since The Last Post?

Although I have said in my 1st post of 2018 that I felt the market is boring, but at this point, I had already made A LOT OF PURCHASES. As stated in the same post, I ventured actively into the US and HK Market.

In addition, I had also tweaked some of my thoughts about the SG market and made some purchases. This came about after I decided I was STILL holding too much cash after venturing overseas (I had about 40% to 50% of my portfolio).

In this case, I decided to make some short term investment into companies that are getting into certain "situations". This was not what I planned at the start of the year and I was taking more risk investing in these companies.

However, I see the taking of such higher risk as a substitute to my initial thoughts to cryptocurrency. I had wanted to invest a small sum into cryptocurrency at the start of the year. But, the verification process put me off. Thus, I decided to go ahead with these "higher-calculated-risk" investment instead, as I am more comfortable with this kind of risk-taking.

The Additional Touch To My Strategy

Other than the above, my strategy has also changed as the 3 markets (HK, USA and SG) continued to hit new highs.

I tried to invest in counters that people had stopped talking about. Or people hated. Or analyst had stopped covering about it. Since no one cares about it, then I can safely assume the bottom may have reached.

This was basically my Contrarian Self acting up.

It was like my left brain telling me to invest fundamentally. However, when it doesn't work out, my right brain will gain dominance and start telling me to proceed with contrarian investing instead.

Picture Taken From
To recap - Contrarian Investing is my own belief in that I had to be different to make more gains than others. If everyone invest in a similar way, it will be hard to find good counters as everyone will invest in the same counter looking at the same price.

So....Can You Please Tell Us The Counters Now?

Okay... here we go!

HK Market

1. Vital Mobile Holdings Limited - Although many experts do not agree with me, but I tried cigar butt investing via this counter.

2. Goldpac Group Limited - If you want to know more about this counter, please read this post by Stock Sniper blog's Hunting For Value. He wrote various articles about this counter and provided a lot of information.

US Market

1. Quarterhill Inc. - This seems to be the only low PE and PB counter within the US Market. Or at least one that I will invest in.

SG Market

1. ABF SG Bond Index Fund ETF - Like I stated in my last post, I wanted to invest some cash into the bond market and I decided on this ETF when it dropped significantly recently. The drop in this ETF is normal as some of the bonds had matured. If you looked at the 10 year chart, the drop is a trend at the start of every year.

2. Ellipsiz Ltd - Cash is king!

3. M1 Limited - Yes. You can call me an idiot for buying this counter after selling all of them in Sep 2017.

4. CWX Global Limited - This investment is a maths question. Firstly, 2 new shareholders had exchange 331,653,000 shares at 1.6 cents and 76,628,352 shares at 1.3 cents by pumping in S$6.2 million. Rights issue will also add another 1,950,009,035 shares at 0.9 cents, which will be equivalent to S$17.55 Million. The free warrants will be ignored since their exercise price is 1.5 cents.

Do note that there are currently 1,526,527,683 existing shares. The latest equity amounted to estimated S$48.47 million. By adding all the additional cash and the equity, and divided them by total number of shares (new and old shares), the NAV will be about 1.8 cent per share.

The current share price is about 0.9 cents, which translate to Price to Book ratio of 0.5x. I believe with the new shareholders, warrants exercise price and recovering oil price will eventually push the share price up in the near future.

That's all!

If you like me to elaborate about any of the investment above (Other than Goldpac Group Limited, ABF SG Bond Index Fund ETF and CWX Global Limited), do comment below or on my TUB Investing Facebook Page or on my InvestingNote thread.

Monday, January 8, 2018

My Strategy On Buying Of Bonds

Updated: As pointed out by other readers, we can also choose to invest in ABF SG Bond ETF. It is an ETF bond fund in Singapore. It tracks a basket of high-quality bonds issued primarily by the Singapore government and quasi-Singapore government entities.

This is a request from my reader/subscriber of Fundamental Scorecard website.

She wanted to diversify into bonds. But she has not much idea about bonds other than Singapore Saving Bonds (SSB).

To clarify, my knowledge on bonds are very shallow. Pardon me if I made any mistake in writing of this article. Feel free to comment on any mistake I wrote in the comments below.

For me, I seem to have a similar issue with my reader. My portfolio consist of about 40% to 50% cash at the start of 2018 (After restarting my portfolio and selling various counters at the end of 2017) and I wanted to find another way to diversify. This is because I felt the equities market is slightly too bullish for my current liking.

If you want to understand more about SSB, Singapore GovernmentSecurities (SGS) and Treasury bills (T-bills), you can read about them through the write ups by Dr Wealth in the links attached.

SSB, in my opinion, is like a 10 year fixed deposit with a step up interest rate that you can withdraw at any point in time. But when you withdraw, cash will only be received the following month and interest earned will be pro-rated.

On the other hand SGS and T-Bills is more like a commercial bond that is subject to market conditions – in this case, the Singapore economy – and it can be purchased within SGX.

There are also many companies’ bonds sold within SGX, and these are subject to market conditions as well as how the companies are doing.

For this write up, I will not be going into detail of how to buy and sell bonds. Rather, I will be talking about what I believe could affect the bonds market and what kind of strategy I will take.

Factors that could affect the Bond Market:

Point 1 – Coupon Rate

Coupon Rate is the interest rate of each bond. It is normally fixed throughout the tender. In equities, this is similar to dividend yield. But dividend yield is not fixed.

Point 2 – Interest Rate and Bond Price.

There is always an inverse relationship between interest rate and bond price.

Let me quote an article by Forbes: “...To explain the relationship between bond prices and bond yields, let's use an example. First, let's disregard today's artificially-induced interest rate environment and assume you've just purchased a bond with a maturity of five years, a coupon of 5.0%, and you bought it at par (i.e.; 100%), investing $1,000. At this point, your bond is worth exactly what you paid for it, no more and no less. Also, just to be clear, you will receive annual interest of $50 ($1,000 x 5.0% = $50), plus a return of your principal at maturity. However, the market value of your bond will fluctuate after your purchase as interest rates rise or fall. Let's assume that interest rates rise. In fact, let's assume they rise to 7.0%. Because new bonds are now being issued with a 7.0% coupon, your bond, which has a 5.0% coupon, is not worth as much as it was when you bought it. Why? If investors can invest the same $1,000 and purchase a bond that pays a higher interest rate, why would they pay $1,000 for your lower-interest bond? In this case, the value of your bond would be less than $1,000. Hence, your bond would be trading at a discount. Conversely, if interest rates were to fall after your purchase, the value of your bond would rise because investors cannot buy a new issue bond with a coupon as high as yours. In this case, your bond would be worth more than $1,000…”

Point 3 – Bonds Prices’ Par Value

There is a need to understand what the issued price of the bonds is (which is the par value). This is because this will also be the amount of cash you will get back when the bond matures. For SGS, it is normally based back to $100. For companies’ bond price, it should be $1.

Point 4 – Bonds Prices Are Affected by the Underlying Country’s Economy/Companies’ Outlook

Regardless of the coupon rate, bonds prices are also affected by the underlying countries’/companies’ outlook.

A look at the top 20 Bonds counters below: 

Taken from SGX as of 8 Jan 2018
Companies, such as KrisEnergy and Hyflux, whose bonds have fallen below the par value due to their current business outlook and the market has punished them despite a high coupon rate.

Point 5 – Bond Holders has the priority over Equity Holders

In the event a company wind up, a bond holder has the right to their cash prior to equity investor. Thus, bonds is deem as a safer product than equity investment.

Point 6 – T&C of a Bond Can Be Amended

This basically relates more towards companies’ bond. However, this does not meant that a company can just anyhow change its bond’s T&C as and when they like.

But during the oil and gas crisis, when many of the companies couldn’t pay their bonds holders, these companies will hold meetings with the bond holders to ask to waive certain conditions or to allow extension of the bonds.

Upon the approval from the bondholders, the company will then proceed to make the following changes to the bonds T&C.

My Strategy

Do note that I am diversifying into bonds, mainly because of my huge cash holdings and the bullish stock market. My main objective is to earn a bit of return while keeping the bulk of my cash free from any significant risk taking. Do note of my following criteria:

1. Short Term Holding

My holding of these bonds are not meant to be a long term investment (over and above 1 year). I intend to get back these cash in a few months’ time (within 2 to 3 months) and invest them into the equities market again.

2. Interest Rate Set to Increase in 2018

Interest rate will also definitely increase in 2018 unless Fed changes their mind. Therefore, do note that bond prices tend to fall in the long run.

3. Ignore All Companies’ Bond

I also tend to ignore the companies’ bond market. This is because based on the top 20 bonds listing on SGX as per the picture above, it seems that established firms will only provide a lower coupon rate, which could potentially be the same as the fixed deposit rate in the long term IF the interest rate continue to rise.

Furthermore, for companies with bond prices at below 1, it seems that it might be better to buy their respective equity since you are already taking the risk in investing in the company. The return on investment will be higher with the same amount of cash invested (Assuming the current share price is lower than the bond price in SGX).


With the above criteria established, I will be considering buying SGS with bond prices set below $100 that will be matured soon. In addition, I have already invested a part of my cash holdings in SSB prior to writing this article.

I hope this satisfy my reader’s question! In addition, if I have stated any information wrongly in this write up, please feel free to comment about it!

If you still have more questions, free feel to come for our first Face-to-Face Ask Us Anything session on 16 January 2018. SimpleInvestor SG and I will answer any of the questions you have on investment or our Fundamental Scorecard website.

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Our 1st Meet and Greet "Ask Us Anything" Event

Dear Readers and Subscribers,

This year, Simple Investor SG (aka Simple) and I will start with something different.

We will be organizing a FREE face to face "Ask Us Anything" event!

Yes, you heard that this is a free event! This will be similar to Youtubers' meet and greet event - you will meet us and you can ask us anything!

Background on Simple and I

Simple and I partnered to create the Fundamental Scorecard website. It is basically a website that portray our investment methods into 2 different scorecard methods (Full Analysis from Simple Investor SG and Ultimate Scorecard from me). A scorecard method can be considered as a mechanical/systematic way of investing, where your consideration is based on facts and numbers, while your emotions and bias are put aside.

Through these methods, Simple and I had more wins than losses and we believe that anyone who follow these methods will be able to attain similar results! Retail investors can subscribe to each of the scorecard database and get access to our methods, as well as the listing of counters that passed the respective scorecards.

It is our goal to spread the knowledge of fundamental investing to everyday average retail investors. 

Oh... and you can check out Simple's interview here!

Why a Face to Face "Ask Us Anything" Event?

Firstly, readers will know they can message me via my Facebook page. They can also find us on InvestingNote. Some of you even have my direct contact number.

You can also ask us any questions via our Fundamental Scorecard website email.

BUT at times, we realized some questions can only be asked and answered when you are face to face with the person. It is the most ancient, direct, personal and simplest way of communication.

Thus, we decide to put ourselves out there for you to "bombard" us with questions!

Here are the Event Details:

Date: 16 January 2017, Tuesday
Time: 7.30pm to 9.00pm
Location: Outside seating area of The Kitchen (Food Court at The Star Vista)

The Kitchen at The Star Vista
Yes, it is at the food court of The Star Vista. The seating area outside is very big and open. You will be able to find us there. We will have our Fundamental Scorecard logo there as well!

We will be outside at the area highlighted in Orange.

Our Logo

If you are interested in the event, just email me (Not the fundamental scorecard website email, this is my own email) that you are interested to attend and I will reply you with my contact number, in case you can't find us that day! Even if you intend to come at the last minute, feel free to approach us that day as well!

We look forward to meeting you!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

1st Post For 2018

This is my first post for 2018 and I have a confession to make.

I am rather bored looking at the Singapore market. I just feel that there are no value left. Many of the investors may differ from how I feel. But somehow in my head, I hope this bull stops running for a while.

In the meanwhile, I am also worried looking at the US markets hitting new highs everyday. In my head, I am bored and worried at the same time.

This could also be the consequences of restarting my portfolio and holding over 50% cash right now (Injected more cash into the portfolio since it restarted).

Thus, I started looking more at the US and Hong Kong markets.

Looking at these markets, which I am still not so familiar with, could also be a consequence of setting my target too high (Recap: 30%!)

As B stated in one of the comments on my Facebook Page post, setting such a high target may result in me taking unnecessary risks.

Nevertheless, within the spectrum of investing, I always felt that if I do not know enough, then I should go and find out about it. At least, I have a 1 year experience in investing in these 2 markets, right?

For the next few articles, I will most probably write about a few of the overseas counter that I bought recently, unless something interesting springs up!

If you are interested to know more about The Ultimate Scorecard or Full Analysis, do visit the Fundamental Scorecard website for more information! Do sign up to get the latest scorecard of all the SGX counters now!

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